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Greetings. We are CIPMANN, designated problem solvers

Our company designs visual and verbal stories that are functional, detail-oriented and designed specifically to meet the requirements of your company. Each business is unique – it has different potential, strengths, weaknesses, market, audience, opportunities, goals and resources. According to that, there cannot be successful one-size-fits-all design solutions. Only after careful research and insight can a proper visual-verbal fit be found. Such custom-made solutions add value to your company and bring you closer to your clients.

That's why we won't go in length about what specific solutions we offer because your business might need something completely different. But here are some of the creative services we offer: VISUAL IDENTITY/BRANDING, PRINT, PHOTOGRAPHY, WEB DESIGN, COPYWRITING, PACKAGING, EDITORIAL DESIGN, WAYFINDING DESIGN

Good design is much more than good looks – it's about solving communication problems, and this is often an overlooked ability of design. Thorough research is what enables the final design to communicate your desired message to the right people in a clear and memorable way. We build our work on objectivity and give it an emotional finish that will help establish a lasting connection with your clients.

CIPMANN' s designs are creating a buzz. Please browse through our work to get the full idea of what we do. And if you have any questions or comments, please drop us a line or give us a call.