The harsh truth is that identity guidelines mean nothing to people. We can explain over and over again how the book of guidelines sets the rules how to use and how not to use the logo and other visual elements and that it is the foundation of consistency and therefore professionalism. Nope, zero.

We make sure to add that even if they go to a different designer, the guidelines have everything defined and other designer can easily pick up where we left off and develop the identity further. But talk is cheap, it is the booklet that they get, quickly leaf through, put away and forget they own. (The same with the accompanying files.)

So now what? 


We had to grab the attention in the brief leafing-through window. And we attacked with unexpected illustration of tampons, skeletons and coffins. Plus, referring to the identity like it was a person, we (hopefully) raised extra awareness about its importance. 


And when illustrations open the door of attention, then the text gets its 5 seconds of fame. We made it short and dramatically sweet to emphasize the importance of sticking to the rules. And even more so, the dangers behind NOT sticking to the rules. Naturally, it is all on the verge of exaggeration, because if it’s not shocking - why bother.

Cipmann-identity-guidelines-branding-bookletAaaand, does it work? 

Well, to a degree. If nothing else, everyone notices the tampon. But there are always those who go through life without period and such things are irrelevant to them…Cipmann-identity-guidelines-branding-bookletCipmann-identity-guidelines-branding-bookletCipmann-identity-guidelines-branding-booklet


author: martina