Privacy policy

Privacy Statement

Cipmann is dedicated to protecting and safeguarding personal data. This Privacy Statement defines the personal data we collect from those who visit our website and provides information on how we use this data and what rights visitors have in relation to personal data.

Personal data is any piece of information that relates to an identifiable person, using which an individual can be identified directly or indirectly (such as a name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address). When you visit the website, the company does not collect your personal data unless you decide to interact with us and expressly choose to provide us your personal data (for example, when sending us a query via e-mail) and you consent to the use of the data that is submitted. Access to the website is free and does not require registration.


Collection and use of your personal data

Cipmann respects your privacy and processes your personal data in accordance with the relevant laws. Your personal data is processed after we obtain your consent – a freely given and specific indication that signifies agreement to the processing of the personal data you have made available to us by using our website in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

The personal data collected is saved in electronic format. To safeguard this data, we apply adequate technical and organisational measures and procedures of personal data protection. These measures prevent unauthorised access to the personal data from other users of the website and ensure that the data is used in accordance with the purpose of processing


Messages in electronic format

When you send us an e-mail with your personal information, which can be used for identification, we use this information only for the purpose of fulfilling your requests. We may forward your electronic message to other employees of Cipmann, third parties, or our own partners in order to answer your queries or fulfil your requests.


Rules on personal data protection by other websites/third persons or third parties

On Cipmann’s website, you will find links to other websites. Rules on personal data protection on such websites may differ from those on our website.

On our website, we may offer you social media features, which enable the sharing of personal data on social media. Therefore, we kindly ask you to be informed about the personal data protection rules applicable on other websites, social media platforms or third persons or parties


Limitation of liability

While we undertake the available technical, organizational and personnel measures in order to prevent unintentional or intentional abuse, destruction, loss, unauthorized access or disclosure of your personal data, we cannot guarantee that some of the personal data we collect will never be accidentally discovered, contrary to the provisions of this Privacy Statement.

To the fullest extent permitted by the law, we are excluded of liability for damages caused to users or third parties by the accidental disclosure of personal data.

As we have no control over the personal information that you provide when accessing or using other websites, or directly to third parties, we exclude the responsibility for damages that may arise to you or to third parties for the submission of personal data in this manner, to the maximum extent permitted by law.


Data security

For data security reasons and with the aim to ensure that content, functionalities and services on our website are accessible to all users, this computer system uses applications that monitor visits on the network and recognise unauthorised attempts to change or disclose data, or cause damage in some other way. Unauthorised changes or disclosure of data on the website are strictly forbidden.



We reserve the right to use cookies on the website

Cookies are a set of data that serve as your anonymous individual identifier, which is sent to your web browser by the specific web page that you visit on the website

When you access individual pages on the web site, we send you cookies, which are stored on your computer and used for storing information about your previous visits (for example, the language of the web pages you use). This means that on all your subsequent visit to the web site, we will search for your cookie and access the information stored in it. Cookies that are used on the website do not contain your personal information and only allow faster and more functional activation of information, data and settings previously communicated to us while visiting our website. The cookies stored on your computer cannot be accessed by any other web page that is not part of the website You have the right to disable the storage of cookies sent by the website This can be done by updating the settings in Menu→ Tools/Options on your web browser.


Changes and updates

Cipmann reserves the right to change or cease all or any part of the website together with this Privacy Statement at any time. Changes come into effect by publication on this website or when users are notified about them. Rules on privacy protection are applicable until alterations by Cipmann or termination of your access. The termination of your access is possible at any time and also implies the termination of your use of these web pages and cancellation of all materials that are downloaded or used from these web pages. If you have any questions or doubts about the Privacy Statement on the website or about your experience with this website, please contact us at

Last updated: 1 October 2020