From the very first time Cip and Mann collaborated, it was clear we should do it more often. Project by project, Cipmann was born and - with the little help from our associates - we have been researching, analyzing, synthesizing, itching, scratching, sharpening, digging, complicating, simplifying, absorbing, sweating, crying, pulling, crumbling, writing, designing ever since.

We won’t hide, there is always food in the office. But just like sweets, we always crave new projects. We get on really well with clients that appreciate detailed approach and who love their jobs as much as we do ours. There is no project too small, too boring or too unappealing - we find star potential in each one. If necessary, we will take them apart to the tiniest ingredient and put them back together into something new, sensible, interesting. That’s how we build our ladder to the stars. And what is your path?