Why “good” is not good enough any more?

It seems to me that words like “good”, “nice”, even “happy” are becoming extinct. Everything needs to be “excellent” these days. People need to feel “ecstatic” or “thrilled”, everything less than that isn’t considered well enough. If you comment on a film or a band that it’s “good” - it definitely has to be a euphemism and you really think that it’s not much but want to be polite. “Good” always assumes a “but” following it. Why? Why and when did it occur?

In the world of superlatives, I find these positives to be pure and honest. In my world, good news, a good guy, good luck and good morning are reserved for a true and genuine communication, warm and friendly, and above all - good-hearted. I guess that personally I am returning to the roots of these adjectives. When I want to stress how pleasing something was - I use “good”, “happy” and the likes. It somehow holds higher value than “marvellous” or “superb” or “exceptional”. It’s cleaner and unpretentious.

The trend could stem from school grading system where the good old C is only half way on the scale to excellence. But the dictionary disagrees. It’s full of praise for the meaning of “good”. You would think no other word can match it.

Any day now, I believe Peter Jackson will make a new fantasy movie where the battle between Good and Evil will be discarded for the battle of Magnificent and Despicable.

What’s wrong with a good life? And isn’t happiness really what we all strive for?

Unfortunately, yet again I don’t have a smart closure for this topic, only a modest request. Next time you’re planning to blow away the word “good” for a more…well…blown away version of the word, do reconsider.

author: martina