Elcon Geraetebau

Elcon Geraetebau is the leading CNC manufacturers of high-precision parts in SE Europe and that is precisely why we created the slogan “Measure of precision”. Elcon Geraetebau is Cipmann’s greatest project in terms of diversity of materials created for them. Our primary task was to redesign their identity in the direction of modern and strong company on the global market. We achieved visibility with a very recognizable shade of green, and the logotype is complemented by linear elements taken from the blueprints which are the starting point of every process in Elcon. 

Over the years, we did a lot of designs for the company - and we mean A LOT - from the more standard materials like website, catalogue, signage, vans and work gear to the less common designs for carpets, mailboxes and hand dryers.

Categories: visual identity, copywriting, digital content, print, books and publications, signage and navigation systems