Lungomare Art

ometimes - not nearly enough - we do collaborations on design projects. For Lungomare Art we really enjoyed co-creating with design studio Mikser and sculptor Tomica Grubiša.
In short, Lungomare Art, created as part of Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture, is a cultural and tourist route along which art meets people. As a part of the project, 9 works of art have been planned in 9 locations along the Kvarner coast. The visual identity reflects these meeting points (9N = 9 works of art), while info boards are literally meeting points of different materials, i. e. they are made from metal&glass in urban surroundings and wood&glass in natural ones. In the end, we met an award for our collaborative work at Zagreb Design Week.

Categories: visual identity, signage and navigation systems, copywriting