KD Čistoća launched Riperaj, and that launched another lovely collaboration with Lea and Mirna from Kombinat. This epic collab took place in ancient 2019, but we still think of it often. 

In short, Riperaj is the first repair center in Croatia and its aim is to reduce waste by repairing old, unused and broken items. At Riperaj you can find various tools, spare parts, a helping hand and an expert advice, but the idea is to do the work yourself. So it comes as no surprise that we created a very workshop-y design combining pegboard, black and white photographs and a bright yellow circle that serves almost like aureole for the things that are being brought back to life.

Graphic design: Lea Jurin & Mirna Gurdon from Kombinat + Cipmann

Interior design: Gorana Stipeč Brlić; AO16, Sekcija

Photo: Ivan Vranjić, Gorana Stipeč Brlić

Categories: visual identity, print, signage and navigation systems