Each project we do for Memorial centre in Lipa is a very emotional one and this one was no exception. When preparing the genealogy exhibition of all the families in Lipa, first we were welcomed by a great amount of data. So we organized it, edited it graphically and displayed in a way that communicated just how many of those family trees lost their branches or even the whole trees on April 30, 1944. The trees are organized according to house numbers and all the individuals who lost their lives on that day are marked with a small hole next to their name. The color of the background depends on whether they lived in that house (black) or they belong to that family but lived in a different house (gray).
Once again, all the inhabitants of Lipa visited the exhibition and studied their family tree. It was very, very emotional. As usual, we are taking another opportunity to talk you into visiting this very important memorial centre. Memorial Centre Lipa Remembers

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