Lipa Remembers guidebook

This guidebook was the first project we did for Memorial centre in Lipa, still unaware what we were getting ourselves into - and we got ourselves into the story so emotional and full of life among so much death. It was astonishing to see how the war tragedy made people of this small town so connected (although, Lipa is anything but small). And the town and its story got under our skin. 

This museum guidebook could be called a picture book for adults because we wanted to present the tragic story of Lipa in the format that people will not put down before they had learned their lesson about humanity. The book is cut in the form of a house and the content goes from light to dark, ending with bright future again. It is wrapped in white cloth to resemble a bundle that people of Lipa had to leave in front of the house they were later burnt in. The cloth has a print of “commandments for a more humane future” based on the terrifying Nazi original that promotes ruthlessness and killings. Enough said, first stop - the guidebook photos and then visit the museum.

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