When we put our minds together - as well as our hands - all is possible. Even pushing the big library bus! We fondly remember sitting in a pub with our creative friends from Kombinat, Molekula, Studio Artlan and Manufaktura and deciding to collaborate on a project that will be good for the community. Very soon the choice was made - we will help the Rijeka City Library with its campaign to get funding for the new mobile library. The goal was very clear and so was the design (but still playful enough to be interesting over and over again). The primary message was to receive money for the bus, so we spread the message “Give mobile library a push” and visualized the way how to do it - by inserting a coin (donation). That was the core design which could easily transform into other ways of pushing - propeller, cannon, etc. And when the campaign, push by push, reached its goal - our hearts and our eyes were full. (And then we filled our stomachs with a celebratory dinner.)

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